Vacations consequences

I am on vacation. It is my third official vacation day in a row. I admit that the first two days were tough for me, hence I ended up at work for an hour and I did feel really bad while beeing downtown during usual working hours. But now, after a weekend I think I am cured.

Yesterday I went to Kista Gallerian and bought a wireless router for home, so that I can be online with my personal laptop and my PowerBook from work as well as my PDA. It is really nice to watch some clips when doing the dishes without niggling with the network cables. My PDA and my PowerBook have bluetooth so that I can listen to news or movies, while doing something else without disturbing my wife. Therefore I bought a USB bluetooth stick, so that she as well can listen to her audio files, mainly German audio books. Unfortunately one of my three bluetooth headsets died and I had to bring it back: 10 days repair time, meaning I have to live with two bluetooth headsets 😩 One of them is not working properly with my PDA and the other is too big for my ear and falls down every minute. I still don’t know why I started to buy so much things since I went on vacation.
I always wondered what all the people were doing downtown during normal working hours, and how they can find time to go shopping. Now, it seems, I found the answer. They were forced to take their vacation buy someone else, e.g. wive, husband, friend or whoever, and they ended up buying things they don’t need but continue to buy, because it gives them something to do, like installing, checking and maintaining the hardware one bought and if you are lucky some of the items will die within short time giving one the opportunity to fight with the costumer service or even go downtown and bring them back.

It is getting dark quite early so there are no new pictures. I guess I have to dig out some old ones, just to have something to do during my third official vacation day in a row.


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