I did not know that wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) was actually an English word, until I searched for the German word Fernweh. That is pretty much what I feel right now. It is my fourth official vacation day and I am starting to feel itchy under my feet (itchy feet is another word for wanderlust according to my dictionary and describes much better what I feel), i.e. I wanna cross a border and might actually visit my relatives in Turkey or my parents in Germany, but that is not going to happen since we are expecting a baby. Nevertheless I found some very nice pictures from both the birthplaces of my father and mother, namely Uchisar and Ürgüp, respectively. Click the town name to see the pictures. Both places are part of Nevsehir/Cappadocia, home of the fairy chimneys (those nice vulcanic eruptions seen in the linked pictures).

It is not so long since people lived in those vulcanic formation. My father was born in such a fairy chimney and spend his youth in it. My grandparents lived in it until my father came to Germany and after many years was able built them a “modern” house. Nowadays many of these fairy chimneys are transformed into restaurants, pensions or tourist information points and there a not much people left living in this places, even though it is very comfortable in it during both summer and winter.

I will scan few of my old pictures from my visits in 2001 and 2003 and post them here. It is time to go there again, it is just a matter of finding time, which is not an easy task –> Teufelskreis (engl.: vicious circle/cycle).


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