My dream car

Once upon a time I had a vision. I was young, very young, and dreamed that one day I might have enough money to buy a new Ford Transit Mark I. Other boys wanted to have a Ferrari or BMW, but I stuck to the Ford Transit we had:


The picture must have been taken before 1991, because I remember we stopped driving through the former republic of Yugoslavia when the war began in 1991. And later – when driving through Hungary and Romania – we used to have a (newer) Ford Transit Mark II; longer and higher then the Mark I. More than the actual vacation in Turkey, we children enjoyed the journey in the Ford Transit. Father and mother were driving and we children were lying on all the presents, which were covered by a thick mattress and gave us not more than 1.5-2 head diameters space to the cars roof to turn and move. During the 3-4 days through Germany, Austria, former Yugoslavia (or alternatively Hungary and Romania), Bulgaria and finally Turkey we had to be creative in order not to get bored or not to annoy our parents by asking them:


Creativity must be an inherent characteristic of children, otherwise they would go crazy within a volume of 2m x 1.5m x 0.5 m for 3-4 days. Maybe it were the adventures we experienced in the Ford Transit, that maid me choose this special car to my dream car, rather than a small fancy sports car. If you go back to the picture, you will see that we did not feel pity for the car, we used every kilogram of the allowed total weight and the fun part was to unpack and pack the loading at almost every border.

Nowadays a visit to Turkey does not take more than 2-3 hours and sometimes I miss to look out of the rear window of our old Ford Transit for 3-4 days and to pull a face to the motorists or to start a fight with my sister, who was (at that time) as strong as I was: actually the Fight Club started within our Ford Transit and not with David Finchers brilliant movie.


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