Why dogs don’t stutter

Christmas is over and we went out for the first time since Friday. Finally I got a new bluetooth headset (Plantronics Explorer 340) for my PDA (HP Ipaq 2490b), the old one was “död” (swed.: dead; that’s what the certificate said when I got the new one back). I haven’t started yet with any of my intended works and I don’t have much hope left that I will do so.

Yesterday I stumbled about an excerpt from an article from 1935, published in the renown SCIENCE magazine by Hazle Geniesse (Science 29 November 1935: 518.). In his article, entitled “Stuttering” he reports:

“In a series of twenty-four cases of stuttering studied this summer in the laboratory of biolinguistics, at the University of Michigan, a marked improvement, even to a complete cessation of stuttering, was noted when the stutterer spoke while walking on all fours.” (taken from here)

I tested it yesterday at home and it seemed to help, but the intimate environment, which my home is, isn’t really a test case. I am not gonna rest upon this method, but I would still be interested to see if this would work in real “stuttering situations”, e.g. a job interview or when giving a seminar. Even if it would work, how would one feel in such a situation? But isn’t this science? To find means which increase or decrease a certain quantity.


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