Vacations consequences … part 2

As previously reported I am not used to take vacation and stay at home. Few side effects were already mentioned, another one occurred to me today when we found out that we have to much milk cartons, which have to be finished within the next two weeks. In Germany we were used to drink only UHT processed milk, known as H-Milch, which can be kept at room temperature for approximately a half year. Only on special occasions fresh milk were bought. Here in Sweden, however, H-Milch, was not known (or at least I didn’t find it anywhere) until LIDL started to expand also to Sweden.

So when we moved to Sweden we weren’t used to drink tasty fresh milk and it was odd to go out and buy milk every few days. So we came up with the idea to rent a car every two month and buy approximately 4×12 litre H-Milch, few dozen of orange juice and lots of German Sweets. Additionally we could discover few areas, which we normally don’t see when using public transportation. This went quite well, until today. The cause lies as expected in my “stay home vacation”.

It is a simple chain reaction. Since I took vacation, I do not have to go to work any more (this simple law was however broken during the first days of my vacation) and consequently I do have more time for breakfast, which normally was cornflakes with milk and some chocolate sauce and a cold milk with cacao. Breakfast at present looks quite different. Bred with Nutella, honey, jam and fried eggs in combination with mint tea and cappuccino. Hence we consume to less milk. There are 4 milk cartons in the fridge and 19 in the locker and all of them have a best before date ending in 2 weeks. So we have to consume 23 litres within the next 2 weeks. Any ideas how?


PS: Did you know that Tetra Pak is a Swedish invention and the “largest supplier of carton packaging for milk, soup, fruit juices, and other liquid products”?


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