A regular Saturday morning

This morning I woke up and performed as usual. A friend of mine was so kind to record it. The result can be seen here:

OK, it wasn’t really me, but once upon a time I liked Rocky and Rambo movies (I didn’t had much taste that time I suppose) and every time I heard the film score of Rocky I had to imitate him. That’s was also a reason why I started boxing in the first place. I stopped after one free lesson and continued with Taekwondo and later with Kickboxing. During those 8-9 years I learned a lot, but also spent quite often time in hospitals. Hence I changed to soccer, but never got rid of my handholds and steps from the martial arts. I guess that explains why I only were allowed to play if we had to get rid of a good player in the opposing team and yellow or red cards didn’t harm the team so much. I learned at least that it would be better to have played soccer in the first place and then martial arts. I have similar problems with Innebany, the “Swedish national sport” (as I would see it). But maybe becoming a father will soften me and I could try it again? I hope it will not end like all the other attempts here in Sweden to do sports, namely to stop after few visits to the gym.


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