Hitta instead of Eniro

This is a rather boring post, but someone might be interested in it.

Those who do not live in Sweden might not know what Hitta and Eniro is. Up to last week I was used to check Eniro if I were looking for an address in Sweden. But since they updated their services around last week with some fancy extras (I still haven’t figured out yet what exactly it is) it is much slower than before and I as a very stressed person can’t wait half a minute just to let the page load completely. A friend suggested Hitta: the page looks not as fancy as Eniro, but it has all the functions I need and additionally you can see pictures of the buildings you are looking for. Not the satellite pictures, but real frontal pictures. Its nice, but also scary, because who took when pictures of all the buildings I am looking for? The only thing I miss in Eniro is, that I can’t look for the name of persons who’s address or phone number I know.

PS: I was just told that Hitta is able to find you the person if you have his phone number. So good bye privacy ūüėČ


1 Response to “Hitta instead of Eniro”

  1. 1 Veronica January 24, 2007 at 6:06 am

    Ja, jag har oxå undrat vem som tagit alla foton. Stackars människa.

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