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As already mentioned I had some issues with OKQ8, because I trusted what I got confirmed per email. Many companies offer costumer services via email and I am one of those write them if I am with any of their services unhappy. Most of the time I don’t get an answer, the same has happened here. I started to worry that my way of writing may be to unclear?

Is there anything wrong or unclear with the following email?


Attached you will find a confirmation I got after booking a car. As can be seen from this confirmation, I was supposed to pay 595 SEK for the cheapest car. When I went to the station to pick up the car I was told that I had to pay 897 SEK (Hyresavtal nr: xxx), because the Weekend price were not available for the cheapest car. I showed them the attached confirmation printout, where the price, the car type and the time period is clearly written down. However, I was left with the option either to take the car with the new conditions or to not take it. Unfortunately, I relied on OKQ8s webpage and the confirmation email and didn’t book another car at another company. Besides this incident I am quite happy with the your services and would like to know, why a costumer can’t trust your confirmation email and is forced to pay 300 SEK more. I am hoping for an answer. Thanks in advance.


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