Since several days I am taking carrots to work and skip lunch instead. Usually I come home very hungry and eat something warm. Today, however, I came home and there is no food ready (which is of course no problem), but also there is no access to the kitchen. My wife invited her Austrian girl friend for the night and to stay over, and she is going to cook for her (and me?). Now it is 8 pm, and the only thing I had to eat today were approximately 500 gram of carrots, water and a bar of chocolate. I am used to be patient (fasting is usually very easy for me), but not if I haven’t eaten lots of sweets the night before. Fasting in Sweden is especially easy, at least for the time I am here. So, I don’t know how much longer I have to wait to either get food or to get access to the kitchen. They promised to finish it before 8 pm, to be ready before Poirot starts on SVT. But when two women occupy a kitchen there is no hope I guess. Instead of starting earlier they went through all the baby clothes we have and the only thing I got was laughter and slogans like “Oh, how sweet”.

On the other hand, I maybe don’t deserve food today. Few weeks ago, my wife wanted chicken to eat, it was around midnight. It was one of her Heißhungerattacken (German for ravenous or how is it called if pregnant woman can’t control their desire for strange food at unusual times?), and she wanted a chicken. To find a grilled chicken after midnight is one problem, to find a halal chicken at midnight is another and to find a halal grilled chicken after midnight in Stockholm without a car is impossible. At least that was what I told my wife. I guess it is time for vendetta?

Time 8.21 pm, still no food.

PS: 8.45 pm, they said 9 pm. Let’s hope for the best.


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