What I don’t get

Sweets, ice cream and sweets are what I like the most. During school time I spend most of my allowance on water ice, and I even had to borrow money from some teachers on school trips, because I couldn’t control my ice consume. Nowadays, I have my own money and it seems to me as if I could buy as much ice cream or sweets as I want. The upper limit is just restricted due to long-term consequences, like my tooth problem or my gain in weight. Anyway this post is not about me, but rather about ice cream. What I don’t get is, why the following nice looking ice cream looses its nice chocolate sauce rather quickly. It just covers a few millimeter thick layer and then one is left with the white ice cream. No chocolate at all. But every time I see it I am forced to buy it, because it looks just nice and it is jummy. The good thing is that my wife doesn’t like too much chocolate (at least not with ice cream) and I can eat as much as I can and give her what is left over. So in the end both of us win.

eis vorhereis nachher

I feel like a black box, where the input is the picture on the left and after a minute the picture on the right comes out as the result of the process I am performing. I started to buy chocolate sauce separately and fill the white ice cream up with a thick layer of chocolate sauce, but it doesn’t taste as good as the original one. So I am not sure why they don’t sell the same sauce besides the ice cream so that I can fill the sauce up when it is finished.


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