Smarties and PEZ

The date of birth of our son (that is what they told us in a German hospital few month ago) has arrived and I was supposed to buy some stuff for the hospital. So – after work – I went to Hemköp and bought lots of fruits (!). Then my eyes got caught on a shelf, where I found my old love, PEZ. I had lots of dispensers which I reloaded every day after school. They weren’t very tasty, but somehow I managed to fool myself to buy them for a quite long time. I think I stopped somewhere around the 10th and 13th grade. But now, I found them again and I couldn’t resist. Next to it my concubine: Smarties.


I have missed them a lot, but after tasting PEZ while reading Kundu, I stopped very soon to eat them. Brain doesn’t like to be fooled around anymore. Smarties on the other hand is still good, even though they had to replace some colours. I am wondering what kind of sweets I have been eating since my childhood and would I eat the same “crap” today if I could find it? By the way, it isn’t about sweets, but also about our way how we eat. It is a quite interesting and scary movie about fast food and the people behind it. Fast Food Nation:


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