Two types of books

I normally like books with as less as possible equations and a lot of text. I like lectures, where one can lean back and listen to the lecturer. Although that is what I like I chose to study mechanical engineering, where one usually listens to lectures in which one can’t be fast enough to copy all equations which are presented. The quest for the best book for a certain course or subject is a question one often asks, at least that is what I am doing. In every field there are at least two extremes. On the one hand authors who make reading enjoyable and on the other hand those who want to give you all you need for practical use.

Tritton and Davidson are two authors I like very much. Both have a nice way of explaining things and try to make the reader fascinated by the things they present.

Unfortunately it is not enough to have them, if one needs to pass exams or need something more practical. In those cases one has to find books which concentrate more on derivations and hence practical use. These kind of books can’t be read in front of the TV or while eating. Kundu and Pope are the two counterpart authors.

I just had the need to post these pictures, because today – in a obsession – I decided to buy Kundu and did so within 5 minutes. 5 minutes, from the point of decision, to running to my office getting my purse, running to the book store (they were already closing, this explains my running) and running back (I wasn’t sure why I was running, but I felt extremely old after that). Now the collection is complete. The next step would be to understand what I am going to read. 🙂

For all those who are not knowing what I am talking about (but also for those who know) I can recommend the following old but very educational videos about various topics in fluid dynamics:

  • Digitized Hunter Rouse Movie: 6 movies from the IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, College of Engineering of The University of Iowa about Fluid Mechanics. Professor Hunter Rouse collected many interesting experiments in the early 60s to provide universities without experimental laboratories with educational material for teaching purposes.
  • Geoffrey Ingram Taylor‘s low Reynolds number movie
  • Prof. Lewin’s (MIT) Basic Mechanics lectures: The best mechanics lecture series I have ever seen.

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