Linguistic confusion, part 2

I just came back from laundry. A rather old men “was so kind” to put my stuff into the dryer, even though my time wasn’t over yet. Anyhow, that is not my point. I tried to ask him where (in which machine) he put my laundry. But it was a real challenge to me and for him. I asked in English, because I assumed he is a foreign student (age doesn’t tell whether someone is a student or not) as I am, but just silence. So I tried with my really bad Swedish, and he said “Spanska?”. “No, I don’t speak Spanish, bara Tyska, Engelska, Turkiska och lite Svenska” I returned to him. He said “Peru [long pause and then] lite Svenska” I tried to explain my problems again in my bad Swedish and used my hands to exemplify what I am saying. But, without result.

Another question would be is Swenglish a real language? I think not, but if I am not able to understand it with some Swedish and English knowledge (which is the case), then it should be a language on its own?

Or does anyone of you guys understand every sentence in this funny clip? (It is from Veckans Nyheter)

More of these videos can be found elsewhere, like here and here, but viewer discretion is advised.

(Part one can be found here)


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  1. 1 Swedes are funny! « wAnNaBe NeRd Trackback on April 24, 2007 at 8:57 pm

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