“Peeing on daddy” contest?

I thought babies can’t think or have no developed mind, however recently I started to doubt that they, even though they do not think, have a commitment with mommies in order to fight daddies. My wife is breastfeeding (“Stillen” in German, which literally means “to bring to silence”) and I am changing diapers, and I would like to change our roles, if it were possible. For the time being I am approximately to 75% the one who changes diapers and cleans the mess afterwards. That’s OK, I have no problem with that, but what does strike my mind is, that up to now he peed FOUR times on me and not one time on my wife or a midwife/nurse. I will keep track on this matter until I see a Gaussian distribution (Germans like to call it “Gaussian” instead of “normal”, we Germans prefer names as long as they belong to Germans) of these accidents. I still believe, that the number of changed diapers is too less in order to deduce something out of it. But what if the probability density function is highly skewed and there is some evil plan against daddies? I will come back to that as soon as the number of samples has reached a certain amount. In the meantime I have to come down by listening to Raymond & Maria (“Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja” meaning: “No one wants to know where you bought your sweater”):


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