“Peeing on daddy” contest?, part 3

As mentioned before (here and here) I am trying to figure out whether or not our son has a skewed habit in terms of peeing on people. Last week I believed that he prefers to pee on me and I got scared, so that I started to take notes every time he pees on someone. The current status after exactly 10 days of life outside mommies uterus is as following:

  • Daddy: 5
  • Grandma: 1
  • Mommy: 8

Unfortunately – as I admitted before – I did forgot to pay attention on the prevailing assumptions. I just assumed that all of the three attendees spend the same amount of time with him and have changed the same amount of diapers. This, however, is not true. So, without any further discussion the above list has no statistical significance. Therefore, to bring some significance into the game, I have to introduce a weight factor for the time spend with him and the number of changed diapers. I will think about a compromise and come back to this.

In the mean time I realised again, that every incident with our son makes me think of my work. I do not know if that is a normal habit, but in some aspect it is quite funny and disturbing in the same time, but at least I think about assumptions and some physical relations I should – by now – have had learnt.

Up to now, I had the privilege to be peed on five times and I witnessed a couple of other incidents. Although the time of the actual “firing” of the water jet has a short duration I was able to witness the development of an almost round laminar jet, which at a certain downstream distance starts to become susceptible to disturbances and goes over to a turbulent state. This is fluid dynamics at small scales, or rather in a small box or laboratory.


The picture (taken from my old institute) shows such a water jet, where the described stations can be observed. Every time my wife feeds my son, she – unconsciously as she is – initiates a pump, which at a unknown time, t+dt, fires a water jet out of the small orifice of our son. A curved and elastic pipe with a rough surface, a free jet and maybe a pulsed jet, if the pumping wasn’t sufficient at the first instant, and much more can be observed withing few seconds. This time I am just an passive observer, I am not interested in measuring the quantities of the flow. I am just enjoying (for few seconds) the beauty of fluid dynamics, before I get angry on my son that he again has peed on me. But I should look on the bright side of life: he hasn’t tried a to fire a semisolid substance on me, yet (!), but did it on his mommy, that’s explains the “8” in the list, because “to pooh” (what is the past tense of “to pooh”?) counts twice as much as “to pee”.

Maybe, just maybe, I could use this knowledge in the real world one day, as Chris from Family Guy has still to learn:


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