It is snowing in Stockholm, since few days. It it is really getting cold outside. Seems winter is approaching its peak. For a German, who is used to warm temperatures, be it indoor or outdoor, living in Sweden during cold winter days was and is quite tough. The heaters do not get warmer then normal temperatures, i.e. slightly above 22°C. And that was the case for all of our 3 accommodations. I thought that something might be wrong with our heater so I asked the caretaker of our building, but he told us that that is normal and we should wear thick things during winter. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. Since one year we have an additional electrical heater, to just heat one room so that at least in one room we could survive without wearing winter cloths at home. Since the baby is here, we used the electrical heater to heat “his” room. Today, while being half day on pappaledig (parental leave), I used the heater for my TV-Computer-work room, because I didn’t want to disturb him with the bright light in the room. It seems that the cold room is much better for him, at least he sleeps much better there, even though I check every hour if his heart beats. When my wife came home she got angry: She saw me with sweets sitting in front of the PC, TV is on, heater in my room and the little baby is alone in a big cold room. It took me some time to convince her that my decision was not selfish, but rather caring and thoughtful. But now I am the Rabenvater (“raven daddy”; German for bad father).

I mean I am not as mean as Brian in the following clip.

I tried it out (not as mean and loud as he) and it seems to work 🙂


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