Shopping in Turkey …

… is like ordering books in Sweden. That’s of course not always or in general true, but today I had to think about both and saw a strong correlation between them. Every time I visit Turkey, I have to go shopping in Istanbul (That is Stockholm for Sweden, even though Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey), especially in the Grand Bazaar . And normally I have a rough idea of thinks I wanna buy, so I go in stores ask for them and if they don’t have it I go to the next one. That would be the “Soll Zustand” (target state ?), but the “Ist Zustand” (actual state ?) is mostly quite different. If you go in a store and ask for a certain shaped shirt in a desired colour, you will never hear “Sorry, but we don’t have them!”, but rather you will get black tea and if you look very interested also something to eat, e.g. a Döner Kebab. While you are drinking and eating the staff tries to bring you everything they have except that particular thing you are looking for. After having finished the snack one (or better: I) feel so indebted to them that I buy something else.

Today, I send an email to a Swedish book store and ask for a particular book (this one) and what I got was

We have no copies in stock, […]. Maybe you know we stock another title “Turbulent Flows” Pope […]

I mean for a layman there is nothing wrong with it, but for a nerd that is soooo Turkish 🙂 I am not saying that it is bad, but where is the tea and the Döner or at least juice from concentrate and something typically Swedish to eat.


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