The two extrema of Doctors

Being a father is not as easy as I thought. There are situations, where rationality doesn’t help me a lot. Up to last week I thought that babies cry if they have some needs, e.g. they want to drink milk, want their diapers to be changed, want to be carried around or someone or something is hurting them and he or she or it should stop it. That’s all I can come up with, but it happens quite often that all of the above options don’t apply. So what to do? Well, we called our mothers, both of them have quite contradicting advices. And doctors seem also to have different theories to the same set of questions we ask them. I mean the initial conditions are the same, the boundaries haven’t changed from call to call. But I guess it is the same with every science, it depends on how one asks the questions, how one understands what we are saying and what kind of background information the listener assumes to have about us. It is like fluid dynamics, I guess. It is not sufficient to ask whether swirl has an enhancing effect on heat transfer and mixing or not, but rather the full set of initial and boundary conditions have to be stated, otherwise any advice is useless.[1] But enough of that. The doctors out there are of three kinds, either they are of the type of Doctor House, the doctor from Family Guy or they are somewhere in between. Since I started to follow the adventures of House M.D. I think that all doctors are wrong and only he does know what is wrong with our son 🙂 But I hope they are not as bad as the following doc:

[1] Is it possible to have footnotes in this blog? This doesn’t have anything to do with doctors, but for anyone who is interested in fluid dynamics and fancy movies and animations, one should check out the Gallery of Fluid Motion by APS. There are really nice movies, like the following about the snapping sound of a snapping shrimp or sand jets. It might take a while until the Quick Time movies are loaded.


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