Before the last month of the pregnancy of my wife, I was the exterior minister, i.e. had to do the shopping, laundry, bring out the garbage, fill out administrative forms, etc. She, on the other hand, was the interior minister, i.e. wanted to cook (even though I do not wanna eat that kind of food: mainly green stuff). I am simple man, don’t need foot or a clean house. But there are certain rules one has to follow, otherwise the universe will become chaotic. So for instance do I ask whether she wants some sweets besides the usual stuff I am supposed to buy. Usually she doesn’t want anything extra, so I only buy sweets for me. One closet is reserved for these, MY, sweets. And to my dismay I had to discover the following Toffifee package lying in our sons bed.


I am not smart, but I am not a moron and know that our son can’t eat any sweets and especially not Toffifee. This is one of the few things I do not understand. Every time, before I go shopping, I ask her and regardless what she wants I buy her every thing she wants. And additionally I buy things for me. A marriage is, in my eyes, a partnership. Two people agree, therefore the contract, on certain points and decide to live together. We share every thing, except sweets. They can’t be shared, that is against its inherent nature. Since my childhood, there was no sharing of sweets among my siblings. We hid our sweets, so that the others wont eat them, if we are not at home. We marked our sweets and even spit on our sweets in front of the others, like dogs mark their territory, so that no one gets led into temptation to eat them accidentally. I do not care anymore as I did years before, but … Ah, I don’t know. Show me your sweets and I tell you who you are! You can’t just come and take a part of me! At least there is one positive thing: for few years our son will hopefully not be smart enough to find my sweets.

PS: I am from a wrong cultural background. There is something in Turkish what one calls “Göz hakki” (the “i” is without the dot, but I don’t have Turkish fonts installed), which literally means something like “right of the eye”, i.e. if your eye sees something it has a right on it. If, for example, person A eats a chocolate bar at school and persons B-Z sees it, they all have a right on that bar and person A has to share it with B-Z. That was one reason why I had to eat my sweets under my blanket or in hidden rooms. But soon I realised, that the only way to avoid hungry eyes is to feet them to death with sweets, so that they don’t want any sweets from you. All what I wrote in this post does not portray what I am today. I am partially cured and do not care as much as I did in the past. Am I contradicting myself?


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