Update on fluid dynamics books

I just saw that the classical Statistical fluid mechanics book by two of Andrey Kolmogorovs students, viz. Monin and Yaglom (1971 & 1975) is being reprinted and will be available in April and May 2007 (strangely first Vol. 2 and then Vol. 1). The older versions were already out of stock and even hard to find in libraries, this is quite good news. Additionally I just found this interesting book about the history of fluid dynamics (it concentrates more on Prandtl and those who were in touch with him), which might make me forget about my first disappointment.

Our son just fall asleep in my arms and I had to sit in front of the computer in order not to wake him up. Mostly this time is used to google around for online lecture notes, papers or funny clips. Hopefully he will be a nice boy over the weekend so that I don’t have to sit in front of the PC with him (it is the only place where I can sit for ours without getting stressed), but could finally read what I am supposed to read. We all know how dangerous it can be to read too much, don’t we?


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