Elevator, sweets and imagination

It is sunny outside, so we decided to go shopping with the little man. On the way to the subway we got stuck in the elevator (I had my camera with me, but did not find a funny /wired warning as in almost all other elevators in Sweden), first time ever for the three of us, and we had to wait 5 minutes. Luckily I had my pocket PC with me so I could use the 5 minutes for something useful. Normally I have a paper or a book with me, but today I did not count on having time, so I would have been very angry if I hadn’t had something to do in the elevator. Nevertheless, from now on I will only use the escalator.

Today, as almost every 3-4 weeks, we got a package from my parents-in-law. During the last 3 years they shifted the content from mainly sweets and tea towards baby clothes and cosmetics for the mommy. I told them that I would not go to the gas station if there are no sweets in the box. Therefore they put sparsely some sweets in the box, so that I pick the box up. It is not much, but at least I have something for today when I hopefully start reading what I am supposed to read.


On our way home I saw an inscription on a building saying “Vad gör du?” (Was tust/machst du?; What are you doing?) and I seriously started thinking what to answer, because somehow the windows resembled a human head. Now, at home it doesn’t look like a human head anymore, but after some very minor additions to the picture it does look like a human head to me. And due to the two trees it even looks like someone in prison looking out to me and asking me the aforementioned question.

Totally unrelated, but sometimes one really gets tired of changing diapers and one realises how time demanding a baby is:


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