Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardinia Krusemynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump

We all know her, Pippi Långstrump (Langstrumpf, Longstocking,Uzunçorap), at least I and my peers twenty years ago did know her and we wished we had her as our friend to protect us against the evil grownups and teachers. Time has passed by and we have found our own Pippis, not as strong I suppose, but we still remember the stories and the songs related to her. Grown up in Germany, I never heard the original songs, nor the English version. Thanks to Youtube I can now hear both of them and think back to the old good times, where Germany was still separated in East and West. The last half of the last sentence is not to be taken too serious.

The original theme song:

The English theme song:

PS: I did not manage to find the German theme song as a video, but I didn’t really search for it. How could I, when little son wants as much time as my computer needs it?

At least I managed to find the audio version of it in German, Italian, Finnish, French, Dutch and Spanish.


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