The perfect dumbbell

or Die perfekte Hantel. I pay some few hundred SEK each year for a gym, but go there not more than 2 times a year. Also my habit to play innebandy, one of the popular sports in Sweden, has stopped ones I discovered that there cannot be a life besides ones studies I still hope that one day I might manage to do some sports to get rid of my aggressiveness, which develops from time to time, especially if little son doesn’t know when to stop crying or just doesn’t follow my schedule. However, since he has enriched our little family I feel like I can at least use him to get rid of my anger, i.e. it relieves me to run with his buggy – not my dream car, but at least something on wheels -. He sleeps immediately ones I have reached my maximum speed or we jumped over few sidewalks. Unfortunately slow people don’t walk on the right side, like big or slow cars drive on the right side of German Autobahns (Sweden has of course also – beautiful – highways, but with a much lower speed limit). They just block the way and I have to slow down, which in turn doesn’t help my anger budget.

Anyway, this post is about the perfect dumbbell and not about slow people. Our son likes to cry (I haven’t figured out yet in which language he does so. For the moment we are hence not concerned with mono-, bi- or multilingualism, rather sometimes we which he shuts up smiles) or his colic forces him to do so. His mommy, who recently discovered that one of her ears is almost deaf (instead of 0-20 db, she needs a minimum of 50 db in the range of 1-4 kHz to hear anything), doesn’t hear him always, depending on which ear she sleeps. So it is me who hears the little guy the first. The only thing which seems to help him is to put some pressure on his stomach. Since few days I use he feels better, and I think it is because I started to use him as a dumbbell, first 20 lifts on both hands, then 10 on the left and then on the right alone. He appreciates this gesture from my side with some of his puke, he sometimes smiles even and then falls into silence for a while. It works for both of us. He gains weight from day to day, which means I don’t have to pay heavier dumbbells and furthermore I spend some time with him. The only problem so far is that he forgets to wait with his puke until the end of our exercise, which is not of great pleasure from my side, if his mouth is placed above my face.

And as usual here a Family Guy clip related to babies and their desire for attention and working out at gym:


2 Responses to “The perfect dumbbell”

  1. 1 adam April 12, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Great article there are also some dumbbell exercises at this site: Dumbbell Routines

  1. 1 Babies can be embarrasing « wAnNaBe NeRd Trackback on April 25, 2007 at 12:37 am

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