Turkish vs. German embassy

Today, during my half day parental leave, we visited the German embassy in Stockholm for the first time during our three years in Stockholm. We planned many visits before, but never had the time to go there. May wife needed a passport since a long time, but we thought that we could apply both the passport for my wife and our son in one visit. From my childhood I have really bad experiences from visits to embassies. So far I only visited Turkish embassies in Germany and I never went home without an argument with the officials. When I arrived today at the German embassy I was quite surprised, that we didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to get to the officials and that after 90 minutes all our papers were applied (incl. a visit to Fältöversten – apparently the only place in Stockholm who knows how German ID/passport photos have to be – to wake up our son, take photos from him and run back to the embassy) and our son got a preliminary passport. Something around 2000 SEK for everything is quite a bunch of money, however if I think back to the Turkish embassy times, it is not so much and the officials were kind and friendly (rather unusual for German officials, at least in my experience). They must have been infected through Swedish customs. Also there was no personal search (is that correct English?). From visits to the Turkish embassy in Germany I remember to wait at least 1 hour in front of the embassy next to a tank and few police cars. Ones in the building you were stuck inside for hours and had to go from official to official and pay them rich. It might be a sign of inferiority complex of those officials that they had to show their fellow people that they had the power to let them suffer. At least that is what I remember and I hope it has changed.


2 Responses to “Turkish vs. German embassy”

  1. 1 AT March 18, 2007 at 12:15 am

    Sorry, no: Last summer the local turkish newspaper in Duisburg, brought a story, citing an older article in Hürriyet 20 years ago, they were complaining about exactly the same thing. No change in 20 years, still there is hope, soemwhere, maybe…

    BTW: While you were at the embasy you could have gotten my bag. Turns out I was wrong, Swedes *are* honest. They found my bag with the passport in it and sent it to the German embassy in Stockholm. Isn’t that nice?

  2. 2 ferramis March 18, 2007 at 3:54 am

    So you will come to 08 to pick up your bag I suppose? I have to go there in approx. 5 weeks again, but I don’t think they will hand me over your documents without a bunch of signed papers 🙂

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