Free knowledge

Universities are great! Not only because of their libraries and the possibility to order almost (!) any book, but also because students have the possibility to learn for almost nothing. Free access to all journals in ones field of interest on the other hand (through the university) is still a dream. There are not many possibilities to get interesting reports and papers for free, exceptions are few and among them the NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS) is one of my favourite sites. It has thousands of papers (starting from the year 1900) and reports to all kind of fluid dynamics related topics. You will find papers by Heisenberg (especially his classical paper from 1924 based on his PhD thesis) and Prandtl.

There are so many good lecture notes on turbulence, that one wishes that scientific books should be made available to a much lower price to enable students to have their own copy. Nevertheless until this dream is fulfilled here is a list (of mainly PDF files) with some useful lecture notes (the latter ones are in German) on turbulence and related topics (the list is not complete, but will be extended as soon as I find time):

**By uploading the following files on their webpages I assume that the authors are aware of the fact that the Internet is accessible to more than only their students. I haven’t found any restriction, but if someone draws my attention to any request of the author that he doesn’t want his work to be read I will immediately remove the link to the publicly available files**

Introduction to turbulence, McDonough

Turbulence, Mastorakos

Lectures in Turbulence for the 21st Century, George (last chapters are here)

Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Johannson&Naughton

An Introduction to Turbulence Modelling, Davidson

Turbulence and vortex dynamics, Jimenez

Turbulence, Burden

Turbulence and Transport Phenomena, Hanjalic

Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, McWilliams

Kolmogorov Spectra of Turbulence, Zakharov&L’vov&Falkovich

Digital Particle Image Velocimetry – Theory and Application, Westerweel

Turbulente Strömungen, Fiedler

Strömungsmesstechnik, Schober

Strömungsmesstechnik, Tropea

Strömungs-und Temperaturgrenzschichten I & II, Peters

PS: Although I haven’t posted yet my entire list of material I welcome any link to other works related to measurement techniques in turbulence and turbulence in general.

PPS: If you haven’t yet seen the fluid mechanics videos, you should do it now 


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