Sad day, but they found me!

I had a bad day yesterday. Threw the towel after realising how less I knew and I how much I thought I would be able to do. Sad as I was I went to COOP and bought an emergency package, namely a baguette, two Nutella and a new ice cream flavour I haven’t tasted before. I finished one Nutella can and the baguette, but didn’t managed to finish the ice cream. My wife was waiting for me; she thought I would cook something for her, because little son was crying the whole day and she couldn’t cook for herself. So, kind as I am, I put some oil and some Indian convenience food in a pot and went in my room to have my son in one arm and try to eat the ice cream with my other. After seeing smoke coming out of the kitchen I found what can be seen on the right image below. My wife refused to eat what I cooked for her with love just because it looks a little bit burnt. You can’t do things right if you are married. 🙂


Today everything looks a little bit more bright. This morning a first cousin living in Tasmania visited my parents in Germany and we spoke via MSN. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since I started my undergraduate studies, almost a decade ago. Than this evening I got an email from another first cousin to whom I also haven’t spoken or whom haven’t seen for more than a decade. He on the other hand lives in Van, at the border to Azerbaijan. Even though I hate MSN and computers I was quite happy to see two of my cousins after such a long time again. Luckily my mother has 10 siblings, so there is a chance to find some other cousins after a long time.


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