Fontanelles and reflexion

I have three younger siblings and hence I know that babies do not have a fully developed skull, but rather have a skull consisting of slightly movable fontanelles. I also mentioned the usefulness of these fontanelles in regard of the imaginary relaminarization process during the delivery. Last but not least Family Guy taught me that babies might have a dent and that those can’t be used as an ashtray, but see for your self:

Despite all this I got scared today, when I came home and saw that the dent was much bigger than usual. Additionally our little son was screaming/crying more than usual (although unbelivable, it is possible) and both parents were perplexed and we had to call both grandmothers of our son to ask for help. The result is, that we worry too much and that we should calm down. Babies are a mystery and they neither like to be shaked, nor stirred. Although both help to mix a flow and to silence a baby it is not healthy and can have serious consequences as I was told today, so: no more shaking. Also my attempt to record a timeseries of him crying has come to an end, because it became more and more complicated to hold him still while crying in order not to introduce any falsifying signals. I have to find something else to do with him, because most things I try (although they seem to work fine on the large scales, I do not know what I might cause on the small scales) are somehow work related and I should hang out with some normal (do they exist? and if so where can one find them?) daddies to learn what to do with babies. I am screwed, or am I?


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