Should I give up?

I spent my whole weekend for the last posted Matlab problem, except few hours where we went shopping and few hours where I did laundry and sat outside in the sun with little son while trying to read a paper. The other remaining dozen of hours were spent in front of the computer while trying to solve the problem or surfing for a solution of the problem. But nothing. I managed to find a solution, but I am not satisfied. The EPS images are still too big and my eyes are bleeding. Luckily my little sons other grandma is coming tomorrow with my little brother to help us handling our son. This might give me some more time ruining my eyes. Why does no one else seem to have a similar problem and why do I have to figure out how to solve it? I spend half a week full time to solve this problem and now I am giving up. I will put it away and wait until a hero comes and solves it for me. That’s what I normally do. I concentrate on something and forget the world around me. I get aggressive and forget everything else. I don’t eat and don’t care about things going around me. And than at the end of the day I promise to my family and myself that I will not open the computer the next day and spend quality time with my family or at least with my books, which at least do not hurt my eyes or my back. But no, the first thing in the morning is to open the computer and start until midnight to search for a solution of a particular problem.

At least I learnt something else this weekend. The fruit I ate few days ago is/was a pepino. Another thing I learnt was that non-Germans do not care so much about labels as Germans. While at Hemköp I saw this strange brown fruit.


I had no idea what it was, but the label said Kokosnöt meaning coconut. I know how a coconut looks like. However, the label said coconut, so I thought: “this might be a exotic coconut, which I never saw before”. So I bought it. It does not taste like a coconut, nor does it have anything in common with a coconut. I inspected the receipt I got and it said svartrot meaning black salsify (?). If I can’t trust the labels in grocery stores, then armageddon is surely close. At least I will get some more hours of sleep while my mother is here, which in turn might increase my success rate in finding solutions for self-made problems. I am looking forward to rent a car tomorrow from OKQ8, I already forgot the problems I had, to pick up my family members from the airport and to enjoy the Swedish highways, although I can’t drive as fast as I would drive in Germany. And last but not least I ordered a bunch of favorite German sweets from my little brothers.


1 Response to “Should I give up?”

  1. 1 undrachiever December 12, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Armageddon is truely opon us if a coconut is mislabeled and sold as such. Either that or we are so dependant on outside voices to tell what is what that we no longer trust our own instincts. I hope a coconut never looks like the picture above. If it does then Im checking out! At any rate, dont give up. Im still here and as Hunter S. Thopmpson so often said, “Buy the ticket…take the ride!!!” Althought he did kill himself I think he did exactly what his favorite saying told him too!

    P.S. The moral of the this story is NOT to kill yourself. Keep trucking along!!!!


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