Do we look alike?

Everyone I know wishes us that our son comes after his mommy and not his daddy. Furthermore everyone points out the similarities between our son and his mommy. I haven’t performed any correlation calculations on the images below, but I see that he comes right after his daddy.


There is a funny anecdote to the above pictures. After hearing many people saying that our son doesn’t look like me, I tried to catch him in a situation similar to the image in the header of this blog. Normally he cries continuously when not sleeping or drinking, however when I tried to take a picture, he was not willing to cry. So I had to help him by slightly forcing him to cry. Don’t ask how, but I managed. However the picture I show here is after he came calm, because the crying images weren’t so clear. Today, my mother who is here to help with the baby, mentioned that my father, almost 3 decades earlier had to slap me slightly in the face so that he can have a picture of a crying baby. I didn’t know I had so much in common with my daddy or my son. But as soon as I find time I should perform some image analysis, so that at least the visual similarities are proven.

Babies have huge feet compared to their body, when compared to grown ups. Hence one tends to make fun of their feet. The best related joke I know so far is the following, where a small child asks his mommy the following:

Mummy, do I have huge feet?

No, my son, put your shoes in the garage and come in!


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