Practical joke works!

I never thought that the practical joke where you stick a persons hand in water while the person is a sleep works. It is reported that the target, the person whose hand is put in water,is supposed to pee in his pans. I never believed it and never had the opportunity or time to verify this. Thanks to my little brother, who is 13 or 14 and lazy above family average, I found a test person. But first let me justify why I had to test it on him. I am not a bad person nor am I a bad brother. First of all he laughed at me when my mother told him yesterday that I peed in my pans when I was at the age of seven. We were in Turkey and my uncle said that I could not drive our Ford Transit, whereas my father said I could. So they forced me to sit in the big car and start the motor and drive few it for few meters. I managed, but had wet pans afterwards. That is at least what my mother told us yesterday. The second reason is, that he killed little rabbits at the age of six. Well, he didn’t kill them on purpose I suppose, he and his friends found them in the forest next to our home, brought them home and washed them in the bathtub and wanted to have there own Tiny Tunes. Unfortunatel most of them died. My parents were asleep and when they woke up he did got punished. But not enough I think, therefore I tested the practical joke on him. And it works! Great success! One day we will all be punished for our infringements 🙂


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