Treatment for diversity?, part 2

The Turkish answer to Heintje could be Emrah:

I am not sure if there is something similar to Moskau in Turkish, but there is no need to look for it. I guess every country has its Heintjes and Emrahs and somehow I should learn to live with it.

While looking through strange old Turkish music clips I came across a classic: Yemen Türküsü (see the clip here), a song about Ottomans who left for Yemen around WWI and never came back.

Actually the German-Turkish diversity starts around that time, at least for our family. My great-grandfather was a construction worker in Adana, who worked with German engineers on the famous Baghdad railway and also learnt some German from them.

(this and other historical images can be found here)

One of his German technical superiors became his friend and my father was raised with stories about this special German engineer (I forgot his name, although my father mentioned his name thousand times). Ottomans, or Turks as they were called years later, admired Germans for they precise work, their technical know-how, but also for their Prussian virtues (? for Preussische Tugenden?). That, in the first place, brought my father to Germany, but also the dream of a better life. I never met my great-grandfather, but we still have some handwritten books from him in Ottoman language, which my father keeps as an memory. Nowadays we do not have any books from our parents or grandparents. Some pictures and memories, but no books 😦


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