“Peeing on daddy” contest?, part 4

Although I gave quite early up to count the incidents of peeing or pooing on daddy or other relatives events I was thrown back to this issue today. Our son stopped peeing on us, since my mother was here. I suspect the fact, that he didn’t like that I held him under the water tap in the basin each time he filled up his diapers. Both mothers told me that babies might not like to be “shocked” with water, so I stopped. But now, one week after my mother has left I started again to hold him under the tap and clean him, if the content of the diaper was way above average. This happened just a half hour ago and additionally he peed on me, so I thought lets wash him, what I did. Just washed him put him on a towel and started drying him he started to both pee and poo on me. I thought, that can happen one a month, so I washed him again. And what happened shortly after that – before I had started to wind him -? He did the same again! I washed him again and decided not to hold him under the tap again; at least not this month. If I could just understand him or discern his needs. I feel more like this guy here:


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