Swedes are funny!

Although hard to believe, Swedes are funny. I mean if my high-school and university time in Germany was fun, than almost anything can be fun. You might remember the funny clips in Swenglish I posted view weeks ago. Today I found this clip, which is from my favorite TV comedy show Kvarteret Skatan. It is not the funniest one, but at least with English subtitles:

Right now I am quite busy trying to become acquainted with a Stereoscopic PIV system, organise our stay in Italy over the summer, get a conference paper and my first journal paper ready as well as learn how do deal with a son, who still pukes around and doesn’t listen to me. On the bright side, he sleeps more than 4 hours during the night. Great Success!

Apropos conference paper: Does anyone have experience with WORD templates? I am not a fan of WORD, unless for personal use. But for a conference it is rather embarrassing to use a WORD template, where figures and equations look so fake and destroy the layout. Is there anyway to get the line spacing right in WORD without making the equations too small. I don’t wanna write my own LaTex template for this particular conference.


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