Babies can be embarrasing

Everything went fine the last two and a half months, but today I think our son made us some enemies. He just woke up and started screaming like hell. His clothes were very wet and warm and he screamed more than during the time of his peak colic times. I changed his diapers, but he still continued screaming, so loud and disturbing, that even the neighbours woke up. You might remember the recording I presented some time ago, that was almost nothing against his crying or screaming attack from just now. I hope this is not the beginning of some strange neighbourhood relations, where one communicates via Morse code. Now, he is drinking and I am making some Valeriana tea (Beruhigungstee?) to calm down. I don’t know how to look in the eye of my neighbours anymore, not that we speak so much with each other, but still what will they think of us? That we torture our baby during the nights to our pleasure? Anyway as soon as the tea is at a drinkable temperature I will try to “resleep”. If I wouldn’t know that he hasn’t started to think I would think that he would simulate the pain to get our attention, but enough of that I am just angry and needed to abreact.


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