Since almost 2 years I am planing to make my own Tiramisu, just for me. Approximately two years ago I had my first non-alcoholic Tiramisu and it was delicious. Normally I had to wait until someone, mainly some Italian, made one for me, because the ones in grocary stores are most often with marsala wine. Today, after 2 years of waiting and 2 weeks of keeping the ingredients in the fridge I decided to do it, while waiting for a DSMC code to finish on my PC.

Although I bought 500g mascarpone, only 200g was left, 250g was eating my my parents in law and 50g by my wife. The ladyfinger cookies were untouched, so was the coffee and the eggs. Without having 500g of mascarpone the task was quite difficult to scale all the other ingredients, so I used 2 eggs, a cup of strong and sweet coffee and many additional spoons of sugar. Following the steps I was taught by my fellow Italians I somehow managed to get my first tiramisu. Obviously the coffee was too much, because the creamy layer was almost swimming on boundary layer like coffee layer. And still: it tasted good; not as good as the ones made by Italians, but still good. This was actually the first time were playing with food was fun, unless I count my making of caramel candies and ice cream attempts during my school time; which I don’t.

I have some more simulations to run with DSMC, so maybe there will be another one, before we move on to the homeland of tiramisu.

PS: Of course I could have watched a video on how to make Tiramisu, but I didn’t. Nevertheless for those who intend to make one for their own and don’t have an Italian friend around, this video might help (although I proudly have to admit that the one I did looked much better than the one presented here):

PPS: Ones again it shows, that having the ingredients is not enough. Ones I thought it is just a matter of time. I really thought that it might be enough to put all ingredients in a big pot and wait long enough and eventually an tiramisu will emerge as an asymptotic solution. However, I forgot that the process of making tiramisu is not similar to a path independent integral. The way one proceeds determines rather the end product and therefore it would be interesting to examine what all possible combinations would yield. But before I do that I will decrease the amount of coffee and put milk to the coffee or use cappuccino instead, as suggested by one of my tiramisu mentors.


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