Italy, week UNO

Is will be a short post with more pictures than words. No Internet and no TV at home. Temperatures above 30°C in the morning with increasing trends towards the afternoon and pleasant 30°C in the evenings.

i) The City: Forli



Maybe someone can explain me why people hang keys on a grid in the middle of the city. Lost and found? Or some superstitious believe?

b) The food:

Anyhow, one of the nicest things in Italy so far is the richness of chocolate and ice-cream flavours. I tried to buy all Kinder Schokolade sorts I found, and believe it or not I haven’t managed to eat them. It is just too hot. I haven’t even started to eat Nutella. The only thing so far I did is use the Nesquik chocolate sauce for ice-creams to make them even sweeter than they are.



A habit I disliked so far was to speak about food and cars. There was nothing more boring than to do that. But now I see my self involved in discussions about ice-cream flavours, different kind of breads and the weather. The weather!

c) Linguistic confusion:

I thought Japan is tough place for people who do not speak the language of the country, but Italy is at least as tough as Japan. Outside the university, you must really be lucky to find someone who speak a little bit Italian. It was fraught and hopeless to buy a mobile phone card to ask them which offer to buy. Another thing I am used to was the phrase “ciao” for Hej! and Hej då!. Thanks Italians abroad! Thanks to you I used ciao to everyone I saw; to neighboors, to civil servants and anyone I met or ask for a way. Later I was toold that ciao should only be used to friends, and that buon giorno is the proper phrase. Strangely it was easier to find people speaking German, than people speaking English. At least that was the case at Lidl 🙂

d) The Italians:

Fanatics in (Italian) soccer, (mainly Italian) cars, (only Italian) foot and ALL babies! Everywhere we went, people are starring at our son and the only thing we hear is BAMBIIINOOOO. It is like having a all-around entrance and excuse-me card. Without him, we are nothing, with him we are everything.


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