Childhood memories and bad taste

Cesena is quite similar to Forli, just a little bit smaller and maybe even nicer, but that might be an illusion, due to the fact that we have almost seen everything in Forli and Cesena has just got our first visit. One thing, however, was odd. Add some booth (actually “only” two) of the city festival I saw framed pictures of Mussolini. Until quite recently I had the impression that he would have a status similar to Hitler in Germany, i. e. the incarnation of evil or something related to that. However, after seeing some pictures of him at some normal festivals, and hearing that he has a mausoleum together with his family members scratches this picture in my mind.



Pictures of an other Italian, however, were more easily found, namely those of Bud Spencer. He, together with Terence Hill, were the most known (among others, e.g. Bruce Lee and of course Pippi) to my generation in the age around 10-14 as far as I remember. Later we moved on to movies of Adriano Celantano, another famous Italian actor, which surprises Italians, because he doesn’t seem to be so known for a non-Italian audience. However, Germans are known for their strange taste, who else would listen to Heino (one of his most listened songs among older Germans or my parents in law is this one here)?



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