Fa freddo!

Today was a cold day. That is at least what they, the Italians, told us. We went out for a walk and it was really nice: just 25 instead of 35 degrees Celsius. On the way to the big, or better: the only, shopping mall, we passed a crowd of old ladies. Before reaching them they started to stare at us and speaking laudly about – I assume – us. In front of them I stopped, because I think they spoke to me. I, as usual, when Italian old ladies speak to me, which happens quite often if I have my son with me, said that I do not understand Italian. They repeated “fa freddo” several times. My wife, who spend some more hours in learning Italian translated “it is cold”. They pointed at our son, who had just short clothes on, and repeated. 25 degrees Celsius and it is cold?! We also saw people with jackets! People in Stockholm are almost naked if the thermometer shows 20 degrees Celsius. And sometime it just has to be Saturday night and you have to sit in the subway! But here people are freezing!

Few days ago it was 35 degrees and others said “fa caldo”, which I thought means “it is cold”, but actually it means “it is hot”. Lots of confusion these days, especially when old ladies stop me on my way to the gelateria and start speaking to me, pointing at my son and looking at my empty face, which after some seconds says: “Parla inglese?” No English, at least in Forli city, but luckily they repeat the important words in Italian until I understand: Bambini, bellisimo and so on. I have to say, well done daddy! As long as I have my son with me, I am the King of the old ladies in Forli! Except one person, I do not know him, but he always knocks on our wall when our son cries. He doesn’t seem to like the King :(. He should be happy, because otherwise there is not much going on in our street, except barking dogs and Italian music at nights and of course buzzing mosquitoes.

Next: The story of me with 65 % concentration nitric acid in the streets of Bologna and the train to Forli.


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