Mountains and the sea

Either we are getting used a screaming baby in the car or our son starts to adjust to our needs. In any case we managed to be on the move the whole weekend from Friday afternoon on. As anticipated in the last post we found a empty place at the beach. OK, it was 10 p.m., but still I didn’t expect it to be empty. It was far enough from Rimini and all the other famous beaches. The water was quite cold and one of us had to look after our son, but we both managed to swim. I was exhausted already after 2 minutes. I guess I need some more practise. I don’t know what others do for hours at the beach?


Went twice to the beach and twice to the National Park on the way to Florence. Reminded me on my childhood, as usual, where we went almost weekly to the Teutoburg Forest. Finally, after all the hot and boring weeks in Forli, we really enjoyed being in Italy.


One thing we were discussing in the car was, why people want to drive or climb up to the top of mountains. My wife wanted always to stop at the first nice place to take a break from the winding streets, whereas I wanted first to go as far up as possible (almost 1300 m from starting from almost 0 m above sea level). She asked me why? I said: “Isn’t that the reason we came here?”, she replied: “No; what do you want to do at the top?”. I didn’t come with a good answer, but said: “To look down!” I still think that I always wanted to climb up, just to look down and enjoy the view, but she didn’t see why that should be a reason to spend some more minutes in the car and drive “slowly” through the narrow streets.



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