Scales and tails

While hiking through the mountains I had my son in front of me and his baggage (diapers and clothes) behind me, both to have a balance and to don’t let my wife carry the heavy stuff. The problem is that his hand or foot appeared sometimes on photographs. The camera was tricked by the auto-focus and could not catch the finescales of the trees, but instead had a big foot in the image. While looking at the picture I wondered if we sometimes have a similar bias towards the wrong scales and forget the clear picture because we focused so much on something else. On the other hand most often it appears to be important for us, what is in front of us. I still have to mention the tail in the header. While performing measurements in the hangar (starting at 25 degrees ambient temperature in the early morning and ending with 35 degrees in the late afternoon; not to mention the heated jet of 10 degrees excess temperature) we found a little tail, which still showed some signs of movement. I first thought it was a organism on its own (there are maybe enough chemicals nearby to have had started this organism :)), but then I saw the lizard next to it. The strange thing to me was that the little tail caught my attention, while the lizard itself didn’t, so the small scales are not always of little importance. As can be seen, I am right now middle of some mixing studies, where I am not sure how small we have to look in order to catch most contributing scales to the turbulent heat fluxes. Enough for today.



1 Response to “Scales and tails”

  1. 1 veroaero July 24, 2007 at 5:00 am

    Jag tror Bilal kommer tycka det ar jattekul att se de fotona sen nar han blir storre…

    Tur att det inte var en storre odla ni blaste svansen av…

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