Italy, week OTTO e NOVE

Although with car we didn’t manage to see a lot. Aimed at Florence, but our son forced us to stay in Bologna and Imola. Then Bertinoro and some other small nice places. And just to make some fellow Italian readers happy. Forli or Italy isn’t as bad as one might think by reading these entries. It is mainly the fault of our son who forces us to stay close to Forli 🙂 And after seeing other places around Forli I have to admit that Forli is the best what happened to us in a circle of at least 60 km (if we assume that Bologna is some km farther away :)). But I have to add that not only the baguette is not eatable after few hours, but also all kind of breads are supposed to be eaten fresh. So it is not as bad as in Sweden, where bread can be kept few days. And they only have extremely white bread. These and other things remind me each time on Turkey. These species are also known to be very strange. The strange thing is that I, who doesn’t like to speak about food, started at least to complain about food, and sometimes I even start to listening to my self how I wanna buy something special to eat tomorrow, etc. I guess after being surrounded by these people I will behave like them. I master the hand gestures already, can go and look (non Italians would call it stare) around like them.

Tomorrow its time to fly to Cologne and visit parents and friends. Be back in one week, for our last week in Italy, before we hopefully return back to our “home”, i.e. Sweden!


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