Back at the sea …

 … or Italy, week dodici.

It was cheaper to rent a car for the last 9 days than to rent it twice to drive from and to the airport. On Friday we went to Ravenna, where we visited Dante’s grave and again to our empty beach in the evening south of Ravenna. Our little sun started, after having spent half of his life in Italy, to eat ice cream and baby biscuits.
Yesterday Riccione’s biggest attraction, Oltremare, got a visit from us. It is really nice, but if you should go there, don’t go with a baby. I found out that 3D cinemas, like IMAX, or special sound effects are not really good for babies, especially when they are trying to sleep (I was smart enough not to take him to IMAX, but all the other special sound effects are as loud as those ones). The good thing is that as an non-Italian speaker you are almost always alone and get guided tours for yourself :), whereas some 50-100 Italians have to gather to get a tour in Italian and you can not imagine how funny it can be to look at these long queues with screaming children and adults and all their hand gestures.



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