Il duce, second try

After our first attempt to see how the duce is buried we visited Predappio during daytime, because – in our naivety – we thought that the little town would appear much nicer to us without the darkness. This time, however, we found two additional souvenir shops, much bigger and with much more stuff, which would bring you a lot of trouble (at least in Germany). Somehow we felt that we were at the wrong place, but before leaving the town we wanted to see duce’s grave. The cemetery was almost empty, it was around siesta, but we saw some people going in and out of a single small building, housing the tombs of the corpse of the Mussolini family. At this point, maybe due to the smiley face in my arm, the young and old people started speaking to me and I automatically had to pronounce that I am German and didn’t understand them. I guess the first part of my answer was rather a self-defence mechanism, because my brain remembered some pictures in the souvenir shops of one “special German friend” of duce. Behind bars his tomb placed next to some items he might have used and in front of it a guestbook were one had to wait to write some lines to duce. People were posing in front of his tomb and statue. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home and couldn’t picture these odd moments (–>). By the way, if you visit Italy, you have to visit at least one cemetery; it is quite interesting with all the pictures and little houses (not really mausoleums) for the tombs of a big family.


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