Vacation in (West-)Germany

After more than two month of Italy we deserved a short vacation in Germany. The weather was typical German, namely alternating rain, wind sun in intervals of an hour. The first two days, however, were continuously raining: We were at the right place; I felt like “I am dancing in the rain”.

The first thing after a breakfast with real bread, i.e. brown bread (the fellow Italians should look at the picture to have an idea how bread is supposed to look like ;)), was to visit my old university and my old institute as well as to have a lunch at the “Mensa” (refectory), some kind of place were some thousand people gather and eat almost the same food for an amount you spend for a drink in Sweden (the state supports the food to help students). One of the most things I have missed about Germany is its highways, “Autobahnen”, were sometimes a speed limit does not exist and more than 2-3 tracks are available in each direction (some of them can be used as runways if necessary). All in all it was my longest stay in Germany since I have left it for Sweden, and we were able to see both our parents. This time, however, I did not see any sweets in big boxes, as I was used to it. Instead I was rather ignored and our son pushed me away from my throne.

Our son seemed to enjoy the cold and rainy weather, or maybe he was unused to get so much attention at home; I don’t know. Both of our mothers were almost fighting to play with him and feed him, so that we got the impression as if we weren’t feeding him enough and were not paying enough attention to him. To my disappointment he neither peed or puked on anyone nor did he have any cry attacks, which made our complaints over the last months not really credible 😦

I also had the time to weight myself at the airport: Within the last 2 month I lost around 10 kg, despite the “good Italian food” (this is what every Swede or German seems to believe; but despite the good sweets and ice creams I haven’t seen what they were talking about, or maybe it all contains pork and wine, so that I am per se not able to taste the good Italian food?). Recalling that I gained 20 kg within 3 years in Sweden, and this despite the “not really good Swedish food” (that’s what some Swedes would admit), I have to conclude, that one does not need to have good food to gain weight and vice versa. Or maybe it is because I am carrying our son for 2-6 hours a day and benefiting from him due to his feasibility to act as an dumb bell, or it is just the hot, which is doing its part?



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