I hate Sixt

Once I had a car, a small Nissan Micra. But when I moved to Sweden I sold it, because in Stockholm a car is, at least for our purposes, more or less unnecessary. So few times a year we rent a car and visit IKEA and LIDL (btw LIDL in Italy is even dirtier than in Sweden, although that might be hard to imagine it is true) and some other places. When I fly to Germany I usually do the same, to prevent that someone from my family or a friend has to pick me up. Normally holidayautos is a nice service or I book together with the flight ticket, which gives some discount. That is what I did when we flew to Germany recently. I selected the car, booked it and thought that the amount given in the receipt I had were the total cost. However, I never had used e-Sixt before, so I didn’t knew that those guys hate costumers and love money. They charged everything what could have been charged additional to the services I had booked. Maybe I am retarded and didn’t understand the German they were talking at the airport, maybe I am so used to Hertz and Europcar, that I thought e-Sixt would not try to sell all possible stupid services and add cleaning costs as well. If I ever rent a car by e-Sixt again I will force my son to puke, pee and shit in it for one week and return it then. I hate you e-Sixt. This is from the depth of my heart without thinking, just my pure emotions. Since Lexmark I haven’t hated so much, so thank you e-Sixt for your rip-off. Thank you for discharge my anger. Now I am back to normal.

PS: At least I stopped complainig about the dirty air, the white bread, the closed shops, the stupid scooter drivers in Italy.


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