Pizza Arrivederci!

And it was somehow sad to leave Italy. Almost 3 month without TV in a language I could understand and no permanent Internet (thanks to those who give access to strangers) and I survived. Ok, I was out searching for WLAN access, like a hungry dog and had some lucky moments where I could be online, but it was somehow strange. Anyhow, the last time was quite nice. Instead of Pizza or other Italian stuff I wanted to try Sushi in Italy. Normally I have to eat Sushi each week, but in Italy I somehow forgot about it. So we had the most expensive and disgusting Sushi. It tasted like deep-frozen Sushi from ICA left outside for 2 weeks. The owner was also some strange guy who seemed like someone who was forced to prepare the little dishes. So don’t eat Sushi in Italy, or at least in Forli. To sum up. Despite all the odd moments I have to admit that I learned a lot, not only about these people, but also from a fluid dynamics point of view. And I am not forced by some Italians to say this, I am serious. Italy is a nice place if you know where to be at which time, so don’t go to Forli around summer time. People are funny, not only funny looking, so it isn’t that hard to live without Internet. To say goodbye from Italy I prepared a self-made “gelatocino” à la ferramis.


PS: Did you know they have a TV and free WLAN access at airports in the rooms for handicapped (I am not sure if this is the right terminology, but I consider myself handicapped so I can use it I guess) people? At the airport in Bologna they don’t have a nursing room, like in all other places in Sweden, so after asking several times at the Information they opened that room for us. So having a child can be quite nice sometimes. Tomorrow starts work in Sweden, finally!


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