There is not much left on rental car companies with which I hadn’t had problems. Maybe I am the problem? So far I was quite satisfied with Europcar, until last week where I got a letter that they had to charge me some 30 Euros. Ok, 30 Euros is almost nothing compared to the few hundred Euros e-Sixt (I did mention that I hate them, or?) had to charge me. But this time I did every small thing I could have done to be a good renter. The last week in Italy I had a nice car with navigation system, so I was keen to refuel the car as close as possible to the airport where I had to return the car (I learnt from my previous mistake where the only gas station I found was some 15 km far from the airport and was charged afterwards again). So this time, I even had a Italian witness who told the attendant at the station that he should refill the car as much as possible. We did not need more then 3-5 minutes to find the return station for the car and left happily Italy. Two weeks later I found an invoice issued by Europcar with the mentioned 30 Euros, for 8 litre fuel and some additional charges. Wait a second! 8 Litre?! Thats enough for almost 100 km and we did not drive more then 3-5 minutes. So I send an email to Europcar in Germany (its much more fun to complain in German) to ask them how they managed to fill 8 Litres in the car. So far I haven’t heard from them. So from now on I am only satisfied with AVIS, but who knows how long.


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