New hobby

Since I became father or since I lived in Italy I have a new hobby, namely complaining. You might say: wait, isn’t that already an inherent habit of Germans? Yes, you are right, but as a wannabe nerd you don’t really copy habits or your own people, you just take something from here and there. Anyway, writing complaints seems to be a good way to bundle my anger. I don’t know how many I have written within the last 4 month. Mainly I am writing in such a way, that the recipient doesn’t have an option other than ignoring my message. Only sometimes I write in kind words and then I get an answer. But in Sweden I even get for angry comments a polite answer and sometimes even a coupon. Anyway, I am not doing it for the glory or the money, but just to get rid of my anger. Its just about small things, like plastic items in frozen food, or diapers without the sticky tape, or other things which make me angry. I should start with sports again, but there is no time for that. So I will be updating this blog more often about the small things in life, which make you angry. Of course I should complain to myself as well about the many things I could have done better, but I am not as kind as Swedes.

PS: “Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.” by Benny Hill.


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