He thinks I’m funny

Our son, recently with his second tooth, started to get up and touch everything he finds and even inspect it with his slimy mouth. Until quite recently he stopped when I said “Achtung!” with a strong German pronunciation. However (as mentioned earlier) now he finds it amusing and starts laughing. Nothing else seems to help showing him his limits. We tried speaking at different pitches (apparently speaking with a high frequency should help with babies), but he just starts laughing. The only thing which doesn’t make him laugh is when he touches the electrical heater or when he doesn’t succeed breaking the walls with his head. I start to loose my assumptions that babies, like turbulent flows, can be controlled by large scale modification, however more and more I think they are just randomly responding to our input. So there is maybe no “simple” active control mechanism? But if so, how did everyone else manage with kids? We have just one kid, we both have read something about them before we got one, and still nothing seems to work out for us. Normally I enjoy trial and error games, but I am starting to loose hope that there is anything stable which always works. I should have known that when I found out that he seemed to like white noise. Any ideas?


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