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Childhood TV-series and songs

Having a child forces you to listen to children songs at the kindergarten or you even start to sing them if you are alone at home or more embarrassing if you are shopping and people start starring at you. It becomes even more odd if you are alone outside and no child is around you. Anyway, I am searching some of my favorite songs from my childhood and so far I haven’t found much, except one, which really is nice, at least its melody and content (the embedded version is of course a worsen high-tech version):

Everyone, who spend his childhood in Germany between 1980-1990 must have grown up with the following songs or TV-series:


We are different after all

Our son started quite early to disappoint us, or better: only me. First I expected him to be quite silent, smooth, not destructible due to external disturbances, etc. or in short: I expected him to be laminar. All indications – before he was delivered – were at least in that direction. His crying attacks aside, his trend to get infected quite easily as well as his sudden bursts of puke ejections have given more and more the indication that he is everything else than laminar.

Nevertheless there was some kind of band between us: he started to enjoy delicious Italian ice cream as did I, he couldn’t stop eating cookies, so did his daddy, etc. Being forced to check the temperature of his food by tasting it (just touching is apparently not enough, at least that was his expression the last time he complaint) I was disgusted by its taste and he seemed really to like it.

Keeping times

Letter to the renter of our student apartment:


Sorry to bother you with this small issue, but as a student I don’t have time to get angry when things are not in a way as promised by you. The clocks have changed, but I guess at several of your buildings the laundry time has been not updated, so the washing machines are switched off at 8 pm instead of 9 pm, meaning I have to wait until 7 am to wash again, but than I don’t have a time booked and even if I had I am a student and have to be at school around 6-7, so I am screwed. I have dirty and wet cloth and have to think about them instead of being able to concentrate on my studies. Sorry for letting my anger out on you, but I hope you will try harder to prevent such things to occur in the future. Thanks.

On the same hand they expect students to keep deadline and can’t give the service they are claiming to offer on their webpage. “Time is money, and I don’t have money.” is a saying from my university time. And I hate it if time is not kept as mentioned earlier. Of course we are human and do mistakes, but I haven’t seen many to recognise that and at least apologise. At least in this point Swedish university housings are similar to German ones.

Monkey habit

I am not sure how to say this in English, German or Swedish, but in Turkish we say something like “maymun istahli”, meaning “monkey habit” (I am waiting for a better translation by a native Turkish speaker). My parents used to describe me as someone with that attribute, due to my habit to change my interests and preferences quite often. So for instance did I spent my parents money for a complete Kickboxing equipment and quit after few injuries and the got the insight that I cannot become Bruce Lee or any other movie fighter (I did mention this before? Didn’t I?). Muhammad Ali was another person I tried to become regarding boxing, but also here I had to reconcile my athletic dream to become him. Luckily I managed to do some Teakwondo for quite some years, but parallel with soccer, which seemed – at least for me – to be a profitable combination. I was a starter in the soccer team but mostly only for the first half or even less, due to my bad condition (Kondition?). I was often told to focus on some of the best players and (it might be the mixture between Teakwondo and soccer) strangely they also did not “survive” the next half. A similar “luck” followed me in my Teakwondo “carrier”, due to my flyweight I had often smaller and slightly more corpulent opponents, which was good for my “hit and run” approach. I don’t know why I started writing this, but it might be that I am forced to use my PocketPC, which I bought a year ago and have almost forgotten to use. Now, when my wife is occupying our laptop at home, I am forced to use it, which might prove that sometimes it is not as bad to be a “maymum istahli”.

Eid ul-Fitr

Apologies for not writing so much these days. But it seems I will have some more busy days.  29 days of fasting are over, I managed to get invited ones and invite ones during these days. Which is not as bad as it sounds, because last year it was around 2-3 times, so I haven’t worsen the situation as much as it might appear. Didn’t gain on weight as some might assume; kept my weight which I had during the last days of Italy. So today is Eid and I have to hurry to not miss the prayer.


Haven’t blogged since a long time. Didn’t really find the time for it. Quite busy right now be it at work or at home. Son is improving his knowledge regarding gravity by smashing his head on the floor from different heights and angles of attack. He developed a quite fast crawling speed and has a quite funny laugh since few days. The electrical heater on the other hand has become his enemy, although he does not want to let off once his nerves have transmitted the pain to his brain. He just stays attached to it and starts crying after few seconds.

Today I got a pound of parmesan from Italy. So there was no real dinner, just cheese, some pancakes and ice cream. Still angry about Sixt, the Russians and myself.

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